Client Testimonials

Luke was an absolute pleasure to work with, providing invaluable advice and guidance throughout the process. His attention to detail was outstanding, ensuring that every aspect of our policies was clear, concise, and legally sound.

Not only did Luke deliver exceptional work, but he also took the time to explain everything in detail, ensuring that I had a thorough understanding of each aspect of our policies. His knowledge and expertise were truly impressive, and I learned so much from working with him.

Ed Brown

Director - Event Crowd

I recommend Luke as a media lawyer. He worked with us on a media project, and his contributions were crucial to the success of that project. He was able to provide us with the legal expertise we needed, but he also helped us think through the project from a strategic perspective.

I would recommend him highly. Luke is very knowledgeable about media law, and he cares about the outcome of our projects. He helped us think through the legal issues involved in a project we were working on, but he also gave us strategic advice.

Jimi Okubanjo

Filmmaker, TED Speaker

I had a commercial contract to assess and understand and needed a quick turnaround. Luke's knowledge and years of experience meant that he could act quickly and inform me in detail about the clauses I was unsure of. He identified areas of the contract where I was exposed to risk and immediately rectified them! Luke explained everything clearly and succinctly and I now feel fully protected.

After previously using Luke's services highly successfully on a music and media entertainment contract, I felt the need to recommend him highly and record this as such! I trust his advice implicitly - you know you are in safe legal hands with Luke.

Emma Friendship-Kilburn

Musician, Business Strategist

Luke is an exeptional Lawyer who knows not only music law but the music industry inside and out. I have worked with Luke on various things over the years and he has proved to bring high integrity and great results with every project.

Luke is the type of man you want on your side and I can truly say that he has become a great friend as well as a good companion over a curry.

Luke has many friends in the industry and this is testament to his great work ethic and personable friendly approach he brings.

Andy Devaney

Artist Manager



TV Show and Tell

Luke explains some of the key terms in the TV series industry, and what things to watch out for in the contracts.

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What Heroes Do

Talking the Hollywood Strikes - Luke English and Glen Dower break down what is actually going on and keep it simple...

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BBC Radio Scotland

7 Dec 2023

Interview with Stephen Jardine talking with Rebecca Ferguson about her new album and how the music industry has changed for the positive since she signed with The X Factor.

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8 Jan 2024

Interview with Kaye Adams talking about Walt Disney losing the copyright to its film, Steamboat Willie and what is "public domain".

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